Mackay Community No Interest Loan Scheme

Established in 1998, the Mackay Community No Interest Loan Scheme (MCNILS) provides individuals and families on low incomes an opportunity to apply for an interest-free loan for the purchase of essential household goods like a fridge, washing machine, or bed. In some cases a loan may also be approved to meet health and education needs. The No Interest Loan Scheme is not available for emergency relief, bond or rent money, living expenses or debt repayment.

Loans can be up to $900.00 inclusive of delivery of the item. Please note any additional warranty on the item/s you choose will not be included in the loan amount.

Fortnightly repayments over 12-18 months usually apply. It is also important to note that the loan process may take up to three weeks.

Who is eligible?

The MCNILS scheme is a not-for-profit community scheme run through George Street Neighbourhood Centre Association Inc. and has limited funds. Our goal is to assist as many people as possible who need the service.

Applicants must have either a Health Care Card or Pension Card and be generally of low income.

How to apply

There is a 4 step formal process on the application for a NILS loan and all boxes must be checked.

Step 1 – Enquiry

  • Are you a low income earner?
  • Do you have a Health Care Card or Pension Card?

If both items can be ticked proceed to Step 2.

Please click here to download the checklist of documents to bring with you.

Return the documents on the downloaded information sheet to  George Street Neighbourhood Centre then an appointment can be made.

Step 2 – Interview

.At the interview we will do a budgeting activity together.

Step 3 – Assessment

The loans committee will meet to assess the loan applications. You will be notified of the outcome on by Thursday.

Step 4 – Contract

If your loan is approved we will arrange a time to meet with you to sign a loan agreement and work out your repayment rate.

You will also be required to sign a Centrepay form and be given a cheque made out to the place of purchase


George Street Neighbourhood Centre

4 George St, South Mackay QLD 4740


Contact us to make an appointment

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