Mackay Regional Financial Wellbeing Program

The Mackay Regional Financial Wellbeing Program provides ongoing support, information and advocacy to individuals and families who are experiencing financial difficulties due to circumstances such as unemployment, sickness, credit over-commitment, family breakdown and credit disputes.

The service delivers one on one support to individuals and families, as well as delivering regular budgeting workshops.  The service supports people with strategies on how stay on top of their finances and alleviate the pressure and stress associated with credit management.

What do the Financial Counsellors assist with?

The qualified and professional Financial Counsellors work with individuals and families to develop a plan of action through

  • Listening to personal financial concerns
  • Providing appropriate personal money management information
  • Providing realistic options for financial difficulties which may not have been explored – including bankruptcy and its alternatives
  • Assisting in the process of creditor negotiations
  • Referrals to other services

What does the Financial Wellbeing officer assist with?

  • Tailored group education sessions
  • Individual budgeting consultation
  • Strategies on managing the household budget
  • Information on concessions
  • Help to understand and read bills
  • Referral to other services

While the Financial Counsellors at George Street Neighbourhood Centre Association Inc. provide many financial options for individuals and families they are unable to assist with business planning, recommendations of specific financial products or advice, or the completion of tax returns.

For more information:

Find out more information on how to deal with your debts and options that you may have.

Learn about different financial products and how to manage them. Use the various calculators to help with household budgets, understanding your credit card charges, superannuation, savings etc.

Find out more information on how to deal with your debts and options that you may have.


George Street Neighbourhood Centre

4 George St, South Mackay QLD 4740

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There is currently no charge for this service, however all donations are greatly received.

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